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Ferdinando Eboli
Frankenstein the Modern Prometheus
Rome in the First and Nineteenth Centuries
The False Rhyme
The Last Man
The Mortal Immortal
The Mourner


1797 mother dies giving birth

08/30/1797 Mary is born in Somers Town, Great Britain, to well-known parents: author and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and philosopher William Godwin.

1807 She published her first poem at the age of ten

Approx 1813 When Mary is sixteen she meets the young poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, a devotee of her father`s teachings

1816 they go abroad again, this time spending time with Byron and his friend Polidori in Geneva

1816 William was born.

Approx 1816 in Geneva, Byron suggests that they should all write a ghost story. Mary writes Frankenstein, the only story of the four that was ever to be published as a novel.

1816 Percy`s wife drowns herself: Percy and Mary marry in December

1817 History Of Six Weeks` Tour the Shelleys jointly recorded their life

1818 Frankenstein

1818 the Shelleys left England for Italy

1819 Mary suffered a nervous breakdown after the death of William

1819 Birth of Percy Florence Shelly; only child of Mary`s to survive childhood

1819 begins work on Mathilde which draws on her relations with Godwin and Percy Shelley. this work is not published until long after her death (1959)

1822 Percy drowns during a sailing trip in the Bay of Spezia near Livorno

1822 she has a dangerous miscarriage

1823 she returned with her son to England, determined not to-re-marry

1823 Valperga, which is a romance set in the 14th-century

1826 The Last Man, depicts the end of human civilization, set in the 21st century.

02/01/1851 Mary Shelley died in London on February 1, 1851, Possibly of a brain tumor.

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